What We Believe

At the Warren Wilson Presbyterian Church we are mothers and fathers, single and married, gay and straight, young and old, black and white, prosperous and poor, uncertain and sure, broken and whole.  We are the many faces of humanity – yet as a community of faith, we are committed in our diversity to be one in Christ.

We call this our inclusivity statement.  It lies at the core of what we believe and perhaps more importantly, how we behave, and what we are like as a congregation.

Our unofficial church motto says the same thing in simpler terms:   Love Above All












Love above all.

More than doctrine or dogma, we believe this is what Christ ultimately taught, and it is this same love that we aspire to practice. And it's why we mean it when we say that everyone -- everyone -- is welcome here!

We are also a faith-based congregation that enjoys its place in the Presbyterian Church family.  We thus have a formal mission statement that expresses these same truths in deeper theological terms:

Because God loves us unconditionally, as seen most clearly in the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, and because we believe in and live by God’s grace, our mission is to respond to God’s grace-filled love by living out Jesus’ Two Great Commandments: to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength, and to love our neighbors as ourselves.

These three things…our mission, our motto and our statement of inclusivity…these are what we believe.  These are what we endeavor to practice in the world and with one another. 

These are who we are.