Brief History

Warren Wilson College was originally founded by Presbyterian mission workers who, back in 1894, were driven by a desire to bring education to poor farm kids here in Western North Carolina.  A lot has changed in the 100 plus years since the original farm school was established.

But one thing has not changed.  For as long as there has been a Warren Wilson College there has been a Warren Wilson Presbyterian Church. 

In its early years, most church members came from the college community.  (Back then, church attendance was mandatory for the students, and expected of the faculty and staff.)

But in more recent years, we have opened our arms and our hearts to welcome a growing number of members of the wider community. 

Today our diversity has become one of our greatest strengths.  Scientists sit with construction workers around the table in our Christian Education classes.  Full-time moms read liturgy on Sunday mornings. Students sing in our choir. 

Building on our rich past, we continue to grow and change as we live into our future together!