College Connection

College Chapel

In a way, our name says it all:  we are the Warren Wilson Presbyterian Church and College Chapel.

In the early years of the church’s life, all of our members came from the college.  Attendance at Sunday morning services was mandatory for students and expected of faculty and staff.

But over the last several decades, as the religious life of the college has grown more diverse, so has the membership of our congregation.

Today, our members, our regular attenders and visitors come from all walks of life, and this diversity enriches our community tremendously. 

And yet, we prize our historic relationship with Warren Wilson College.  Indeed, our beautiful church building is owned by the college, and serves as the college chapel for weddings and memorial services for members of the Warren Wilson community, as well as a gathering place for college events that draw large crowds.

So while a growing number of our church members come from outside of the college community, our ties to Warren Wilson College remain strong and run deep. 

We joyfully welcome students into our church family.  A number of faculty and staff regularly worship with us, sing in our choir and serve the church family in other roles. 

And we gladly welcome alums who return to Warren Wilson for Homecoming Weekend, with our Homecoming-themed worship service and a pot luck to follow. 

So, that’s a little glimpse of what it means for us to be the Warren Wilson Presbyterian Church and College Chapel.

For current information about what's going on at the college, click on this link.