Student Caucus is the student wing of the college's governance structure. Warren Wilson's shared governance structure is unique because students actually share a voice in the decisions and policies of the College, and every student can become a Student Caucus voting member. To find out more about the structure and information about Caucus, go to the About Us page.

Caucus meets every Tuesday at 6:15pm in Canon Lounge unless otherwise noted. Each meeting has an agenda, set by the Co-Conveners. For upcoming agendas, proposed resolutions, or meeting minutes, check out the Updates page.

The Caucus Office is located in Lower Gladfelter. The open office hours will be posted shortly. The current Co-Convenor can also be reached by e-mail at caucus@warren-wilson.edu or by phone at (828) 771-3762. For more contact information, go to the Contact page.

We look forward to hearing from you!

MaggieMae Farthing, Felicia Hall, and Ben Surface
Student Caucus Co-Convenors