The Constitution:           

    To download a copy of the Student Caucus Constitution please click here.

The Co-Conveners:    


Felicia Hall, MaggieMae Farthing, and Ben Surface


"Co-Conveners will facilitate Caucus, ensure that Caucus upholds its mission, and work both with students and administration, often serving as a communication link between the two bodies. Specific responsibilities include:

a. facilitation of weekly meetings (setting the agenda, facilitating the discussion, and maintaining accurate minutes)

b. maintaining an open-door office.

c. serving on the Student Caucus Work Crew

Co-Conveners may call emergency meetings at any time. While Co-Conveners maintain voting membership, they must hold their role as facilitator in the highest regard and work to ensure that their personal bias does not affect the functioning of Caucus. Co-Conveners must work to involve the larger community in Caucus. Issues not addressed in this constitution shall be left to the discretion of the Co-Conveners. Anyone concerned with the Co-Conveners' handling of an issue may call for a vote.The Co-Conveners' decision may be overturned by a two-thirds majority of voting members, at which point the issue is returned to the Co-Conveners. "

The Student Trustee:


Freesia McKee

"The Student Trustee is the voice of the students to the Board of Trustees. As such, it is the obligation of the Student Trustee to be knowledgeable about all issues of concern to the campus and to effectively advocate for the students before the Trustees. In order to promote cooperation and communication, the Student Trustee will collaborate closely with the Co-Convenors and Administrative Council members. The Student Trustee shall report to the Student Life Committee of the Board of Trustees at all of their meetings. Following the meetings of the Board of Trustees, the Student Trustee shall report to Caucus. The Student Trustee will serve as a voting member for the duration of their tenure as Student Trustee and meet the obligations of voting members."

The Voting Members:

"It is the responsibility of voting members to actively participate in Student Caucus meetings, to discuss community issues outside of Student Caucus, and be attentive to student concerns. Voting membership is a signifier of commitment. Voting members should attend meetings with priority.

Voting membership shall be gained or regained by attending two out of three consecutive meetings. At the close of the second meeting where the voting member is present they shall have their voting membership affirmed."

Your Student Representatives:

"Standing Committees
Caucus is in charge of facilitating the process of student representation on committees. Committee reports will always be on the agenda. Specific duties of Caucus and Co-Conveners include overseeing the election of Student Representatives and ensuring proper communication between Student Representative, the students, the committee itself, and the administration.

Elections and Term Length
Students will be elected to standing committees by a general election facilitated by the Co-Conveners. Candidacy is open to all students. A Student Representative will serve one term (term length varies with each committee) and will be eligible for re-election at the end of the committee’s term.

Student representatives shall elicit student opinions in order to be presented to their respective committees. It is required that student representatives report to Caucus on a regular basis. This can be accomplished either through a live report to Caucus or by giving a report to the Co-Conveners who will deliver the report to Caucus. If a committee chair or Caucus determines that a student representative’s attendance or communication is inadequate, the Co-Conveners will issue a written warning. Continued failure to attend committee meetings or communicate adequately may result in the removal of a student representative from the committee by the committee chair or Caucus."

For a complete list of committees and their respective Student Representatives, go to the Committees page.


Student Caucus maintains a mailing list used for discussion. You can find and subscribe to the list by clicking on "Mailing Lists" on the Inside Page and then finding Caucus-L, or by clicking here.