The following is a list of all campus Committees of which students are a part, along with their respective Student Representatives for the 20011-12 school year.


Name of Committee, (# of students) Description
Big Marketing Group & Communication Committee (2) This committee works to fulfill the strategic and long range marketing plan by addressing how to more widely broadcast WWC’s story to: 1. Increase giving. 2. Increase the number of admission applicants. 3. Increase the exposure of the college in local, regional, and national media.
Administrative Policy Group (2) This committee covers the anything having to do with finances and liabilities. 
Service Learning Advisory Committee ( 2) Works to advise the Service Learning Department on policy and programming.  
Student Life Committee (2) The Student Life Advisory Committee advises the student life department in areas including, but not limited to social regulations, student activities, student discipline and student housing. 
Work Program Advisory Committee (2) This committee advises the work program on policies and planning.
Academic Advisory Committee (2) The academic advisory committee reviews all new course proposals and special topics proposals. It will now also consider any policy that originates in academic affairs but has campus-wide implications. If we decided to make some changed to the annual calendar or schedule, for example, the academic advisory committee would review this.
Lyceum (2) Lyceum funds a broad range of speakers, performers, artists, films, and other cultural events at WWC. The committee solicits proposals from various groups and individuals around campus and then allocates the appropriate funding to representative and balanced programs that will enrich the campus community. 
Long Range Land Use (2) Works to update the 1996 Long Range Land Use Plan which serves as the land use document for the college lands and built environment.
Buildings and Grounds (2) This committee meets to set construction priorities around campus, to assess land use, and to make recommendations to FMTS and the VP for Business Affairs. This committee also considers individual construction of land-use proposals brought forth by students, staff, and faculty.  
Technology  Advises the computing services manager regarding policy recommendations 
Human Resources  Advises the director of Human Resources 
Conduct Board (8 ) This board meets with individuals who have violated the conditions and policies of the student handbook. This group then determines the actions, responses, and sanctions that are most appropriate for a given situation.
Spiritual Life Committee Advises the Spiritual Life crew and supervisor in regards to campus Spiritual Life.
Retention Action Team  Addresses the issues of low retention on Warren Wilson's campus.
Residence Life Committee Addresses residence life changes and decisions on Warren Wilson's campus
Assessment Committee Process all college self-assessments for purposes of maintaining accreditation and institutional improvements. 
Student Culture Task Force We will be looking at the positives and negatives of Warren Wilson College student culture, who matters in our culture, who is marginalized, what informal values/social norms/and practices exist. 
Campus Safety Committee (2) Addresses all aspects of safety on campus, especially OSHA and training.