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 Carpentry Crew '12

Crew Fall '12 (from left to right) Top row: Austin, Jon Schmitz, Eric, Mason, Riley Armstrong, Cale, Peter Arnold, Sam(), Andrew, Ian Lione. Bottom Row: Mary Kate, Selene, Claire, Liz.



Work Orders

All about work orders

Only resident directors, crew supervisors, and building managers can submit work orders. If you are a student and need something fixed, such as a ripped screen or boken blind, a broken desk, or a hole in the wall, simply ask your resident director and he/she will submit a work order. If you are a student curious about the status of a work order put in for you, the link above will allow you access to such information.


Being on the Crew

Thinking of joining carpentry? Well if you like to work with your hands (along with a number of power and hand tools), you've come a step in the right direction. We look after most of the buildings on campus, attending to projects both inside and outside. Examples of things we do are: repair window screens and blinds, build wooden frames for doors, pour cement, and a numerous amount of various other jobs. On the crew you will learn how to use such tools as a mini-impact driver, hammer drill, circular saw, sawzall, and angle grinder, to name just a few. Of course you'll also be working with a trusty hammer, measuring tape, chisel, vice grips and pliers, hand level, and speed square!

Larger projects that have been completed in the past are: building the recycling sheds near Morris' Pavilion and for Heavy Duty, constructing shelves in Village A and B laundry rooms, building a raised bed in the greenhouse and rooming-in an area in Witherspoon to be used as a faculty office.  Work Day '07 was spent building steps to the meditation garden and behind the Village. Work Day '12 involved setting up the scaffolding to work on the Lumber Barn. And for Work Day '13...?

If you'd like to be on the crew, come talk to Ian before doing anything else. Experience with tools and construction are definitely a plus.

Work forms