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Warren Wilson College CAD Crew 

(sub-crew of Design and Construction Crew)

Welcome to the Warren Wilson College CAD Crew website!

The mission of the CAD crew is to provide CAD (computer-aided drafting) and GIS (geographic information services) support to the other Facilities Management work crews and to provide college faculty and staff with building floor plans, blueprints, campus maps and other information related to our facilities.

The main purpose of this website is to provide you with instant electronic access to our building floor plans and various campus maps that have been created by the CAD crew.

In addition, the CAD crew is also in charge of managing the digging permit process, which is in place to ensure everyone's safety and prevent anyone from hitting or cutting an underground utility line when digging. If you are going to dig in the ground on the campus of Warren Wilson College, even if it's just putting a stake in the ground, you must submit a Digging Permit Request with the CAD crew.

To request a digging permit or for other information, please visit us in FMTS or call ext. 3032.

We invite your feedback regarding this website and its ease of use.
Thank you for visiting!

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