Internship Opportunities

Organization Brief Description
Biltmore Farms / Hotels Variety of positions, managerial in nature; learn many aspects of hospitality industry.
Biltmore Estate "America's Largest Home," several positions, including market analysis and marketing, web site management and photography.

Women's Wellbeing and Development Foundation

Help with marketing the organization through media contacts, fundraising work, networking with government and non-government organizations, helping to market a mobile food market co-op.
Home Free Bagels Help set up a business plan, perhaps make a few bagels. Service learning has more details.
Sustainable Travel International Currently looking for interns who are committed to sustainability. This is a summer internship for 2 months or more in White Salmon, WA. Will customize an internship position in areas including business, renewable energy, accounting, and marketing.
Lush Life Originals Local (Asheville), unique, clear-conscience fashion design business looking to expand. Needs help in formulating and putting into operation marketing plan. There also may be an opportunity for some hands-on sewing experience if desired. Business just beginning to activate new marketing strategies, great chance to learn from the beginning of a campaign. Good overview of expanding small business.
Helpmate Can give help with reception, fund raises, childcare etc. Looking for volunteers to do training in hotline for Emergency Shelter for Women and Children. Training takes place in March, July, and November.

Student Guidelines for Business Internships

Students majoring in Business and Economics are strongly encouraged to participate in one or more internships as part of their studies. Internships provide opportunities to apply and refine what is learned in classes. Internships also help in refining or altering career paths and choices.

To get an internship approved for credit, students will need to do the following:

To get credit for the internship, students will need to do the following:

Students can earn up to eight (8) credit hours via internships. The number of hours earned is dependent upon the number of hours worked. Students need to work a minimum of 40 hours, plus five (5) hours of discussion and reflection, for each credit hour earned. Thus, a 4-credit internship would include at least 160 hours of work, plus approximately 20 hours of discussion and writing.