Business Department

The mission of the Sustainable Business Department is to provide students with the skills and experience necessary to make decisions, solve problems, and devise policies that are socially, environmentally, and economically sound.  With a focus on the three Ps – People, Planet, & Profits – the business curriculum will prepare you to become a leader of the future, whatever that may hold for you.  The business curriculum is experiential in nature, with the degree culminating in our capstone sequence in Sustainable Business.  During this year-long experience, you will have the opportunity to research, design, start-up, and operate your own sustainable venture.



Business Department Field Trip to EnergyXchange in Burnsville, NC

The Sustainable Business Department prepares students to make immediate and lasting contributions at work and in communities. Our programs are designed to complement the liberal arts studies of Warren Wilson, and to help students develop the knowledge and skills needed to effect positive change.

Our small classes typically range in size from six to fifteen students, and most include a variety of class trips, guest speakers, applied projects, and interactive discussions. Our courses tend to be experiential in nature, taking the focus off of the teacher and putting it onto the student.  We feel that the most effective way to learn best practices is to practice; our students benefit the most when they see their efforts advance their understanding.  Our faculty and students have diverse backgrounds and bring an abundance of knowledge, experience, skills, and passion to the classroom learning environment.

We take a collaborative approach to education.  We are committed to the Triad, and routinely use the work program, service activities, and class projects as the context for discussions and learning. We have integrated the principles of sustainability, environment management, and social responsibility into our curriculum, which enables our students to make immediate and lasting contributions in these areas.

Our very individualized internship program provides a wonderful opportunity for you to apply your knowledge, hone your skills, and add a valuable dimension to your learning experiences.  One or more internships will allow you to increase your networks, demonstrate your capabilities, gain references, possibly impress a potential employer, and generally enhance your advantage in a very competitive job market.



Business Department Service Trip to the Prama Institute in Marshall, NC


The major requirements will provide the basic knowledge and skills critical to business success, while advanced courses are designed to provide in depth study and application of these skills. All students should consult with an advisor in the Department prior to taking courses. We have the flexibility to accommodate many different needs, and many of our courses complement other majors and courses. Some prerequisites may be waived depending on the student's other coursework and work experience. Such requests should be discussed with the instructor and the Department Chair.

The following concepts are incorporated throughout the curriculum in Sustainable Business. These concepts provide points of integration with the liberal arts curriculum of Warren Wilson College. They also represent the basic elements of building sustainable businesses and communities:


Here are some ventures that our students have researched, designed, and started up in the Sustainable Business course sequence...


Ink Cartridge Recycling




Web Design








Outdoor Recreation


 Wings Over Wilson