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Warren Wilson Blacksmith Crew

Who We Are


The Blacksmith Crew at Warren Wilson College is a unique program.  In keeping with our mountain school’s dedication to the preservation of craft heritage, we work to foster an appreciation for fine metal work.  We strive to create original artwork that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing which is then integrated into the school's already beautiful landscape and architecture.  Another aspect of our community responsibility is education.  The crew concentrates on learning history and technique of the craft.  We are then able to share our knowledge, along with practical application, to the larger community, including students, faculty, and staff through workshops and demonstrations.  We also offer outreach programming to local schools to help youth understand the significance and history behind blacksmithing.

The Blacksmith Crew contracts work from other crews on campus such as the Farm, Garden, and Facilities Management, as well as various academic departments.  We also create pieces that are sold at public sales such as the Annual WWC Garden Sale and Festival on the Field. Some members of the crew are available for free-lance work.  If you or your school is interested in hosting a demonstration please email us at



The shop

Our working blacksmith shop.

Welcome to Our Shop

The building was created in 2001 as a student project in cordwood construction.  By serendipity, another group of students was seeking to house a new student balcksmith crew.  By cooperative student efforts, the Warren Wilson College blacksmith shop was born. 

The shop itself can accommodate four blacksmiths at a time.  We have two coke/charcoal forges named -- "Mary Sarah and Brenda Dale" -- as well as one natural gas forge-- named "Jordy."  We have a broad assortment of traditional tools, many of which we make ourselves.  Most of our work, we do with simply hammer and hand and forge, but modern shop tools include torches and power tools.


Mary Sarah

Mary Sarah: All Fired Up!

The Crew

This year, we have nine strong young people on the Blacksmith Crew: Able Allen, Dylan Flynn, Reed Moore, Hannah Lauzon, Ingrid Hill, Brett Wyatt, Carrie Bell, Sam Wasko, and Alex Babbitt. Our supervisor is the ineffable Tom La Muraglia.

If you are interested in joining the crew in the near future, please contact us at

At Work

Able and Amy Making "Monster Tongs"