Biology Department

Queen of Night

Queen of Night, Warren Wilson College biology greenhouse, photo by Michael Torres

The Biology Department awards a Bachelor of Science degree through a broad and rigorous academic study of the living world within the context of a liberal arts education. Courses emphasize the process of gathering scientific information and building knowledge based on critical evaluation of experimental observation. All students majoring in Biology follow a program of study that provides a broad, fundamental understanding of all areas of life sciences. However, students are strongly encouraged to specialize by taking additional courses in a selected area. Since life must obey the laws of chemistry and physics, majors in biology must take courses in chemistry, physics, and mathematics. Concurrent training in education or environmental studies is possible.

Biology majors graduate prepared for employment in a wide variety of disciplines including conservation biology, forestry and natural resources, horticulture, laboratory assistance or management, public health, sales, industrial quality control, nutrition, animal science, and biotechnology. Graduates are also qualified to enter postgraduate professional programs in medicine, physical therapy, veterinary medicine, dentistry, public health, law, forensic science, forestry, or industrial hygiene, as well as graduate studies in molecular genetics, plant pathology, immunology, infections diseases, animal science, botany, or zoology.