2007-2008 Crew Photos

 Crew Picture 2007-2008

Back Row: Natasha (crew supervisor), Kat, Robin, Mike, Ashley, Chelsea, Chris. 

Front Row: Bethan, Annie, Alana, Jackie, Mandy

Bethan checking out the merchandise to see if she wants to keep the backscratcher or take the lamp.

Bob (professor in biology) enjoing the Holiday Party.

Chelsea wearing her new gift from the freebee Yankee Swap.

Bethan made a rather creative gift of Halloween Checkers from things she found at the free store.  Bethan and Mike are concentrating on the game.

Jeff (professor of biology) won a pair of flower earings in the freebee gift exchange.

Robin actually got something he really wanted.  A miniture garden tool set with the Warren Wilson Logo.  A perfect keepsake as he leaves to join the Air Force.


A general view of the Bio/ENS Holiday Party.