Archaeology at WWC



Students working on the Berry Site


Archaeology at Warren Wilson College began in 1966 and has since grown into a substantial research program. Originally, graduate students from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill worked with WWC students to excavate the Warren Wilson Site, located near the Warren Wilson farm and sawmill. Today, the college's archaeology students work on many different projects and the archaeology crew, comprised of between three and six undergraduates, curates collections gathered from many sites. Beginning in 2001, the major focus of the archaeology program at WWC has been the Berry site, a 16th century Native American town at which a Spanish fort was built. The Berry site is located in Morganton, North Carolina. For more information on the Berry site and the Field School, please use the links in the box to the left or click here













 Remains of the burned buildings representing Fort San Juan, 1567-1568







For more specific information on archaeology at WWC please use the links on the left.  If you are interested in the archaeology program at WWC please contact David Moore or visit the archaeology lab on the second floor of Jensen for more information.


The 1979 Archaeology Crew

The 1979 archaeology crew