Three units being flatshoveled by the crew and Western Piedmont students.

A closeup of shoveling

Dirt is thrown into the screen, where the artifacts are sifted out and bagged.

David and Liz are matching today!

Sometimes, we only open up certain areas to work in.

We excavated some units to prepare for a larger shed.

An arial shot- look at that backfill pile!

Clean trowelling a surface helps us to see features or postholes more clearly

There is always a lot going on!

A lot of trowellers are required for large areas

working carefully around a partially excavated feature

Jonna working in a test unit.

Brett and Todd are trowelling!

Everyone is trowelling in order to clean off the entire surface

Trowelling, digging, sifting, cleaning profiles... all in a day's work

another arial shot