Field day, 8 AM

People started arriving as we were still setting up.

Field day, 10 AM

Rachel Briggs, Mary Charlotte, and Linda Wall work in the registration and sales tent.

Mark Butler and Cheryl Baskins' booth exhibited traditional technologies

Gretchen Caverly and Andrea Glenn explain native american artifacts.

Emma, Todd, and Liz play the chunkey game!

Liz prepares to talk to a large group of visitors.

David Moore stands by the excavation as he talks about the burned buildings.

Amy and Linda are VERY busy!

Mark Butler speaks to visitors about flintknapping, basketry, woodwork, leatherwork, and other things

Beckee Garris, a representative of the Catawba tribe, was here at field day.

The Catawbas sold pottery and demonstrated their craftsmanship.

Rob Beck stands near excavated features as he gives a tour.

Todd, Brittany, Amy, and Emma test out the chunkey court prepared for field day.

Our parking area was filled to capacity!

Visitors stand near the exposed burned building.

Liz Horton, our ethnobotanist, talks to Burton Berry and others about cane and basket weaving.

Florence Wade, a representative of the Catawbas, exhibits her skills as a potter

Rob Beck gives a very crowded tour.

David Moore speaks to a tour group, while other visitors go to the booths.