This is a completely unexcavated feature.

This feature is 1/4th excavated.

This feature is halfway excavated.

Three features have been completely excavated.

This large feature area is just east of structure five, a burned building.

When the features are ready to be photograhed, all spare objects are cleared away and the ground is sprayed with water so that the colors show up more clearly.

Jessica Baker maps out a unit.

The crew is involved in excavating three different features.

Andrea Glenn, Lotte Govaerts, and Peter Lanier excavating a feature

Emma Richardson and Johanna Vasek work in a feature while Jessica (far right) maps a unit; a Western Peidmont student watches.

Johanna trowels the bottom of a feature.

Johanna, Emma, and Kelly work under the tent so that the feature soils won't dry out.

Lotte, Peter, and Andrea carefully work around large artifacts as they excavate.

There are a lot of potsherds in Emma and Johanna's feature.

Emma and Johanna are using special tools so as not to break fragile artifacts.

Johanna and Emma carefully dig around and underneath artifacts, careful not to put any pressure on them.

Jesse Mitchell maps the profile of Feature 64.

We found a lot of large potsherds!

Lots of interesting artifacts came out of the features-- potsherds, fire cracked rock, bone, and more!

Emma Richardson and Kelly are excavating a large feature.

David Moore checks the progress of this feature excavation.

Johanna has reached subsoil (the orange patch); that means she's at the bottom of the feature.

Emma Richardson and Liz Horton carefully move a piece of bone onto a pieces of cardboard.

Johanna carefully works around a fragile bone.

Andrea works in a halfway excavated feature.

Gretchen and Andrea trowel and brush dirt away from fragile artifacts.

Liz has pretty fingernails!

Burned bones are extremely fragile.

Lotte Govaerts excavates the second half of a feature