Linda Icklé displays a Spanish nail.

Gordon proudly displays a historic artifact.

Marisa holds a spanish nail.

Candace shows us a piece of historic metal.

Gretchen Caverly displays a projectile point (sometimes humor helps us bear the heat)

A closeup of a Spanish nail.

closeup of a bead and a lithic (or worked stone tool)

Todd and Mike display the bead and lithic

another closeup of a nail

Carved soapstone

Dub holds carved soapstone.

A nice, incised rim sherd!

Emma holds the rim sherd

A projectile point!

Brittany shows us the projectile point

A stone disk and a clay disk

The disks are displayed by their discoverers!

Cyn Curry holds a disk.

Liz Horton shows us blue beads! Hooray!

A large clay pipe fragment

still one more point!

Yet another projectile point!

closeup of the projectile point