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Warren Wilson Archaeological Field School 2004
Day 20, 7/16/04

We would like to thank all staff, faculty, volunteers, visitors, specialists, cohorts, friends, and family for a wonderful season.

From top to bottom, left to right.
1. A praying mantis perches on Rob Beck's hand.
2. Kings of the hill--Chris Rodning, David Moore, and Rob Beck sit on their folding thrones, custom made by David Hefner.
3. Tiny frog.
4. Jesse Mitchell, Travis Nabors, Arden Hurley, and Will Gulley make a chunky course for the Field Day.
5. Backfilling in Area B.
6. Group photo!
7. Rachel Virginia Briggs maps in Area A.
8. Rena Kaneko sifts in Area B.
8. Louella Coleman and a wheelbarrow.
9. Lauren Zych excavates a feature in Area C.
10. Lorie Hansen trowels in Area A.
11. Lauren Zych, once again, with a feature.
12. Backfilling a pit feature.
13. Wes Burnett and Katherine Talbot backfill.
14. David Hefner and a wheelbarrow.
15. Scott Randall and Connie Tosky map the burned structure in Area B.
16. Half a feature excavated.
17. Dorothy Smith displays a lithic recovered.
18. Charlie Leahy, Sr. takes a short break in Area C to smile for the camera.
19. Megan Dunn and Scott Ashcraft work on a feature.
20. Crickett Hefner and her paperwork.
21. Kenny Morrison and Charlie Leahy, Jr. shovel in Area C.
22. What are Karla Evans and the rest of the Area C workers looking at?
23. Jesse Mitchell, Will Gulley, Jessica Smeeks, and Tyler Nance work on the chunky course.
24. Travis Nabors, Karen Ingrim, and Arden Hurley with wheelbarrows.

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