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Warren Wilson Archaeological Field School 2003
Berry Site Map

This map of the Berry site shows structures, pits, and postholes that have been exposed during the 2001 and 2002 field seasons. Different area designations have been given to parts of the Berry site where we are doing excavations during our 2003 field school. "Area A" refers to Structure 1, where we are cutting into the burned architectural material to learn what kinds of stratigraphy is present in this structure. We have only exposed the tops and the edges of Structure 1 and three other burned structures until now. We will be developing strategies for excavating these structures based on what we learn from our cuts into Structure 1 this summer. "Area B" refers to the area just south of Structure 2, where we had already identified the presence of several pits and postholes. "Area C" corresponds to Structure 3, which we will expose in its entirety so that we can take photos and draw maps of it, by first digging and sifting plow zone deposits in this area, then trimming the top of the architectural material itself. "Area D" refers to the area near the southwestern edge of the mound here at 31BK22, which is sixty meters south of Structure 4, and which is adjacent to several squares excavated in 1986.

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