WWC Archaeological Field School 2001
The Berry Site
Day 18, 6/20/01

We are rapidly approaching the end of the field school; we have more details to attend to and we are running out of time. Feature 20 excavation continues and we finally found the end of Feature 23; it is three meters long and two meters wide! We had visits from John Bullington and Larry and Dr. Alan May, Schiele Museum of Natural History and Dr. Janet Levey, UNC Charlotte.

David talking with colleagues Janet Levy and Alan May about Structure 1. Janet, Alan, and David have been collaborating on Catawba valley archaeology for more than a decade. They look forward to more work at the Berry site in the future.

Emily and Linda waterscreened more than 200 liters of feature fill today. All of the soil is screened through one-quarter inch screen and window screen, then placed on the racks to dry.

Caroline exposed a cluster of potsherds in Feature 20 .

Aaron trowels the area around Feature 21. The overhead photo shows a large cluster of rocks that probably served as a hearth or cooking pit.

Niki, Paul, and Kip troweled unit N891E190. This is on the edge of our third burned structure; Chris is marking portions of the square for mapping. You can see the orange burned sands from the burned structure.

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