WWC Archaeological Field School 2001
The Berry Site
Day 17, 6/19/01

Today was another big day for visitors. Several folks from Warren Wilson College joined us today including Ian Robertson, Dean of Work, Virginia McKinley, Academic Dean, Larry Modlin, Vice President for Business Affairs, Carla Sutherland, Vice President for College Relations, and Ben Anderson, Public Information Director. Linda Hall and Ruth Wetmore also joined us. The crew was busy all day; Caroline and Will continued work in Feature 20 and Zoe led a large contingent exploring the expanded area around Feature 23. We did more profiles and elevations aiming to complete all areas by Friday. Emily has taken over the waterscreening and processed about 100 liters of feature fill today.

David talking about the site to Ian Robertson, Larry Modlin, and Virginia McKinley.

We often use a sunshade during feature excavation. The shade prevents the feature soils from becoming too dry; the excavators must be able to discern subtle changes in the soil colors and textures. Caroline and Will work on Feature 20 under the shade.

Sifting and shovelling.

Our lunch break is only 30 minutes but some folks manage to get pretty comfortable in the heat.

Paul and Linda cleaned unit N882E206. The dark soils on the right side of the unit represent the west side of Structure 1. The west wall is seen in its' entirety on the right.

Bill removed a large sherd from Feature 24 along the east profie of Unit N884E192. It is a nice rim sherd but unfortunately had been broken by the wieght of the tractor plowing above it.

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