WWC Archaeological Field School 2001
The Berry Site
Day 16, 6/18/01

This is our last week of the 2001 Field School. We've had a great few weeks and still have a lot of work to complete this week. Today we trowelled and photographed three squares, mapped eight squares, continued excavation of Feature 20, and continued to expose the edges of Feature 23. The waterscreen is up and running and we will use it to process all of the feature soils. I'm very late with the web page tonight because immediately after work we headed up to Table Rock for a picnic and climbed up to watch the sunset. A great way to end the day.

David's daughter, Kaitlyn, joined the crew today. Here they begin a trowelling job.

Niki rejoined the crew this week and found this pipe bowl fragment.

Kaitlyn and Aaron trowelling.

Caroline and Will continue the excavation of Feature 20.

Sometimes we have to use a sheet to shade the sun in order to photograph.Here the shade is used to help photograph a portion of Feature 24 that shows up in the profile. If you look carefully you can see a large potsherd exposed in the profile.

Emily found a small Mississippian arrow point.

Potatoes and corn roasted in foil in the fire up at Table Rock.

The end of the sunset when we finally reached the top.

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