WWC Archaeological Field School 2001
The Berry Site
Day 15, 6/15/01

We ended Week Three with another very hot day and another thunder shower to shut us down in the late afternoon. However, the day was productive as several squares were photographed and we continued work in Feature 20 and 23. Bill managed to get the water pump situated correctly and running well so that we can begin our water-screening next week. We were pleased to have Phyllis and Dan Morse visit the site today.

Our crew for Week Three - hot but happy. Front: Meliss Ayvez, Rachel Horn, Zoe Keefer-Norris, Caroline Ketron, Jessica Smeeks, Emily Dale, Jennifer Cox, Linda Wall, Jeremy McFalls. Back: Chris Rodning, Will Spoon, Kip Kummerle, Bill Robb, Paul Mantia, Joseph Bass, Aaron Brummitt, Scott Ashcraft.

Feature 23 contains a lot of pottery including this strap handle, a feature that is not common on Burke pottery and is probably from a vessel made elsewhere.

Dave shows the burnt house wall to Phyllis and Dan Morse.

Joseph found yet another small Mississippian triangular arrow point.

We have had a few sunburns; Bill is awarded the week's most interesting looking burn.

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