WWC Archaeological Field School 2001
The Berry Site
Day 12, 6/12/01

We hear there is rain coming this week so we are working hard to get sqares cleaned and photographed. The crew worked really hard today and we have alot to show.

Scott, Will, and Caroline troweling across deep plowscars in N895E205.

They did an excellent job of cleaning this square with all the deep plowscars. We left the deep scars because of the many postholes visible in the foreground of the square as well as Feature 20, the large circular feature. If the site had not been so deeply plowed, more of the feature would have been preserved.

Aaron holds a large pipe stem.

We continue to open more new squares. Bill, Jeremy, Joseph, and Melissa are excavating a new 3 x 3 meter unit to try to expose the proton-magnetometer anomaly #2.

A good way to capture the whole scene.

Small triangular arrow heads have been relatively common. Here Emily and Rachel show points they found this morning.

Joseph shows the second drill we found and Jessica holds a finely ground clay gaming disk.

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