WWC Archaeological Field School 2001
The Berry Site
Day 10, 6/08/01

Today was a great day. The sky threatened a few times but we avoided any real rain. Everyone worked really hard and we had a very productive day. Three of our squares were troweled and photographed and the plowzone was removed from several new squares. We discovered more copper, projectile points, and interesting potsherds. We have now exposed portions of what we believe are two burned structures (possibly associated with Pardo's Fort San Juan). We will spend more time excavating units around these two structures next week. We also enjoyed a visit from Dr. Vin Steponaitis, Director of the Reseearch Labs of Archaeology at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Kip Kummerle found a fine drill and small triangular point.

Will, Wayne, and Caroline sift the plowzone soil with the large tripod sifter.

Rachel flat-shovels unit N866E192.

Zoe holds a small soapstone gaming disk.

Dave always wants to find more pottery so Rachel and Zoe shriek with excitement upon the discovery of a large potsherd. It turned out that at least three sherds are present in this portion of a feature in N866E192.

Aaron and Emily prepare to trowel their square for a photo. The full square is shown after cleaning with a close-up of Feature 21, a rock cluster that may reflect a hearth or cooking pit.

Square N866E212 shows the burned sands and large burned timber fragments from Structure 2.

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