WWC Archaeological Field School 2001
The Berry Site
Day 9, 6/07/01

Rain threatened all morning but we were able to work until lunch without getting wet. After lunch it began drizzling and finally around 1:30 we closed the site and headed back to the field camp for some artifact washing and discussion of mapping our excavation units. Work is going very well; each of the excavation units is different. We have what appears to be a portion of a second burned structure in square N866E212. This area corresponds to Anomaly #3 on the 1997 proton-magnetometer survey.

Field crew for Week 2. Front Row: Wayne Bray, Zoe Keefer-Norris, Nikki Keese. Middle Row: Chris Rodning, Linda Wall, Rachel Horn, Kip Kummerle, Bill Robb. Back Row: Caroline Ketron, Emily Dale, Aaron Brummitt, Paul Mantia, Will Spoon, Jared Garland, Randy Keese.

Today in unit N866E212 Randy found a small triangular point made from east Tennessee jasper.

Elizabeth Furr practices cutting profiles in N866E212.

Some of our new excavation units will be 3 meters by 3 meters rather than 2 by 2 meters. Here, David checks the corner pins for the next excavation unit. Bill, Kip, and Wayne, used the triangulation method to place the pin.

Rachel Horn, Zoe Keefer-Norris, and Nikki Keese, trowel square N866E192. This square was then photographed to show the features that are visible along the north profile. Unfortunately, you will also note that a portion of the north profile has collapsed.The plowzone is so deep and the sandy soil so dry, that very little pressure along the tops of the profile will collapse the walls. We take great pains to stay away from the tops of the profiles but we have had several collapse despite our cautions.

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