WWC Archaeological Field School 2001
The Berry Site
Day 8, 6/06/01

After lunch and some watermelon everybody took a break from excavating squares to look on the ground surface around the mound for artifacts. Folks found large potsherds, flakes and projectile points as well as some possible hammerstones or grinding stones, and several pieces of what are probably deer bones. We finished mapping postholes and other features visible in units N896E202 and N894E202. We cleaned another one for photographs showing the edge of a probable burned structure first noticed last Wednesday during excavations of square N882E210. Beneath plow zone and deep plow scars in squares N886E190 and N884E190, we have found several postholes and the bottom of a pit. One piece of copper came out of the bottom of one of these plow scars today.

Field crew members looking for artifacts on the surface of the Berry mound. Closeup view of field hands with some of their finds.

Aaron Brommitt digs and tosses dirt into the sifters, where Mike Patton, Elizabeth Furr, and Randy Keese look for artifacts. When dirt is sifted, artifacts are left in the screen, as shown at the top right.

Charred wood and burnt sand, probably remnants of a burned structure, visible in square N866E212. Randy Keese holds a Savannah River stemmed spear point found in the same square as these remnants of burned architecture.

Piece of copper found in square N884E190. Bill Robb found this while digging out plow scars with his hand trowel, using the same technique as Wayne Bray is demonstrating in this photograph in square N886E190.

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