WWC Archaeological Field School 2001
The Berry Site
Day 2, 5/29/01

The weather was better for doing some good archaeological fieldwork today. Some folks continued building the shed that will house our field equipment, including supplies for mapping what we find in the ground and for bagging the artifacts that we will take back to the field house and archaeology lab for further study. Other folks began excavating and sifting the plowed soil from several of our 2m x 2m squares, which are all set up on a grid that is tied to a permanent reference point that we have set up for this particular site. For many of the students, this is a first experience doing archaeological fieldwork. Today went very well, and several of our squares are now almost completely excavated.

Our major goal for the fieldwork this season is to assess how well preserved are the burned structures we think are buried underground at the Berry site. Our excavations today did uncover some evidence of log posts.

Will Spoon, Caroline Ketron, and Jeremy McFalls excavating and sifting the plow zone from an excavation unit. At top right, Dave describes the process of identifying features visible in the clay subsoil below the plow zone.

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