Welcome to the Warren Wilson College Cherokee Archaeology Field School Web Page!  This morning, (6-7-99), things were kicked off with a ceremony attended by the general public and officials from the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indians and Warren Wilson College.
We had a good crowd!

Representatives from the Cultural Division, Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indians;  Lynne Harlan, Executive Director, Garfield Long, and James Bird.
This is the crew for Week 1.  From left to right:  Beverly Reitzel, Joan Moser, Denene Fleming, Phillip Queen, Andrew McColgan, Christopher Bridgman,  Director Dr. David Moore, Assistant Director Linda Hall, Jason Baker.  Not Pictured:  Don Stevens, Steven Robertson, and Ben Seymour.

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My name is Andrew McColgan and I'll be updating this page daily with the help of web master extraordinaire Jason Baker.  I started my third season at the Warren Wilson College Cherokee Archaeology Field School this morning and I'm excited to get things moving along.  Dates for this year's Field School are June 7-July 2, 1999.  For more information contact  David Moore  at (828)274-6789.

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