Today, 6-17-99, the rain held out and we were able to get some real work done.  We resumed the troweling on square 10R160 because there are a few plowscars there.  After those are completely excavated, then this square just needs a final trowelling for the photos and then to be mapped.  We should be done with that very shortly.  We are still not done with the flat shoveling in square 10R200, so we worked on that as well.  Things are coming right along in our deep test.  The top of level 14 was mapped by Gwen, and then she, Mike, and Linda worked on excavating some of the possible features and charcoal concentrations down to the next level.  That way, these can be kept separate from the general level.  One of the charcoal concentrations yielded a Swannanoa potsherd, which means that one of the features from an earlier level goes at least through level 14.