Today, 6-14-99, was the first day of week two and we saw a lot of progress.  Gwen and Linda worked in the deep test unit and troweled off level 13.  Level 12 in this square had us at the late Archaic period with hearths, charcoal concentrations, and sandstone flakes.   We are very anxious to see what there is to come.  Phillip, Denene, and Beverly continued their work on 10R160, and the plowzone is almost completely removed.  Newcomers Mike and Grace worked in square 10R200 along with Joan, Christopher, and Tom shoveling and sifting.  This unit is almost ready for an initial troweling.  We started the waterscreening today as well.  Waterscreening is used instead of dry screening in certain areas of the site such as the deep test, postholes, and features.  Water is pumped from the Swannanoa onto a big trough and pushes the soil through a series of different sized screens so that very small artifacts can be recovered.  This process was used today to screen some of the soil from the deep test.