Day 6
This past weekend there was a Cherokee Heritage Weekend held at Warren Wilson College as part of the Swannanoa Gathering.  David Moore hosted four tours of the archaeological site on Sat.
David Moore explaining general information
about the site.
The tour viewing the deep test.


Ben played in the dirt while his mother helped
with tours.  (notice the racconn-eyes)

This morning (Mon) we began to open up a brand new unit, 0R160.  We only got as far as removing the first inch or so of dirt.

                                                                    Kate shoveling 0R160.
Day 7
Today Irene found our first artifact of the season, a worked flake.

Things have really been moving along in our new unit, 0R160.
Don, Ashley and Irene sifting through dirt.
Beverly dedided to flat shovel.

          Dave taught another lesson on the transit.  Anna, Kate and Beverly learned how to use the transit to accurately measure out the new unit 0R160.

Anna is putting a nail in the ground to mark where
a corner of unit will be.

Day 8
Today we successfully got the waterscreening up and running.  All of the dirt that is being removed from the deep test has to be waterscreened in order to save even the smallest materials.

In the deep test, 40R200, we have been removing level 17, which is the dirt that is being waterscreened.

Denene (that's me) and Ashley working on removing Level 17.

We had a group of about 30 children that visited the site today.  They are part of a program headed by the Environmental Leadership Center at Warren Wilson College.
Pointing out postholes in 10R160, which was
excavated last year.
David Moore showing two projectile points.


After their tour, some of the students were so interested that they stayed and helped sift.

                      These guys found a nice rim potsherd.
This sherd was from the rim of a Pisgah vessel.
Irene found some nice potsherds.
One rim and a Pisgah sherd.


Day 9
We were rained out this morning so we went to the Archaeology Lab and saw slides and handled artifacts.  We were able to work for about an hour at the site.
Adam, Ashley and David trying to direct water
over the plastic.
A group effort at bailing.


   Kate, Beverly and Anna began to cut profiles in 0R160.  Cutting profiles basically means to clean the edges of a unit.

    Days 10-13