Today, 7-2-99, was the final day of the Warren Wilson College Cherokee Archaeology Field School.  But that didn't stop us from getting a lot of work done.  In square 40R200, the deep test, we were able to excavate another level, and then trowel and photograph it.   We also cleaned up the profiles which showed us a layer of Swannanoa midden.  All of the soil from the deep test was waterscreened today.
Squares 10R200, 10R190, and 10R180 were all troweled today as well, so that we could have a nice photograph of the changes in soil color between the three.  After troweling and photographing these squares, it was about time to close up, but first we had to take out all of the pottery that was sticking up.  We did this so that they wouldn't get crushed over the next year.  We had some really nice potsherds that came out!

And here is the crew that worked week four.   We are, (from left to right, and back to front); back row, Andrew McColgan, David Moore, Bebe Tarleton, and Gwen Diehn, next row, Amy Fuller, Adam Gentry, Phillip Queen, Denene Fleming, and Nicole Delcoligniano, next row, Logan Tarleton, Linda Hall, and Beverly Reitzel, then Jackson Tarleton in the very front.

    We hope that you have enjoyed our Cherokee Archaeology Field School web page.  Once the fall semester begins, we will begin construction of additional pages featuring our archaeology lab and other activities.  Please feel free to contact us with any  comments or questions .  We also recommend visiting the  North Carolina Archaeology  page and the Research Laboratories of Archaeology  at UNC-Chapel Hill.
    Thanks to all of our participants this summer.  It was a lot of fun.  Special thanks go to Jason Baker for help in setting up this page and Andrew McColgan, who put together each day's show.
                                                                                                See you next summer,
                                                                                                           David Moore