Day 2

Today we began digging to reach the plastic that was placed there  last season to protect any unexcavated dirt.

Linda Hall locating a profile in the deep test

We made some progress, although the deep test still has a lot of dirt that has to be moved.  Tomorrow we'll be pulling up some of the plastic and looking at some undisturbed dirt.

Kate, Adam and Christopher removing backfill.

Day 3
After shoveling for a while this morning David taught members of the Field School to read the transit.

The transit is used as a measuring device for horizontals

and verticals.

Karen looking through the transit.


This morning we also did our first troweling.  This was done on squares 10R160, 10R170 and 10R180.


The Univ. of Tennessee's Field School, directed by Brett Riggs and
Russ Townsend camd by for a short visit.


Day 4

Today we found a potsherd with a curvilinear complicated stamped exterior surface.  This style of design is not commonly found at this site.

Joan Moser holding the curvilinear
complicated stamped potsherd.

We really started to make progress in the deep test.  We finally reached the plastic at the


Linda and Adam finally reach plastic in the deep test.
Anna and Karen working on profiles.

Day 5

The deep test was troweled today, so we were able to see the dirt real well.
Linda and Adam are doing some last minute
tasks before troweling.
Level 17 in the deep test after being

                    Everyone seemed to be glad to be doing troweling and actually really getting into things at this point.

                           Anna and Karen are full of smiles.                                      Kate dumping the wheel barrow

 Days 6-9