Today, 7-1-99, we continued a lot of the projects that were started yesterday.  In the deep test unit, 40R200, we started by excavating just the postholes and darker sections, and then took out the rest of level 16.  Tomorrow we hope to get one more level out before the Field School is over.
    In square 10R200, we are still flat shoveling in order to get through the plowzone.  Lots of nice artifacts are being found in this unit. Today, Denene found a section of a ground stone gorget, an ornament that would have been worn on a necklace. She also found a beautiful early Woodland projectile point.  David found a large section of a pipe bowl in three segments.  There is also a lot of animal bone in this square.
    We are also continuing to excavate postholes.  Today the postholes that are in the palisade trench were taken out, as well as another row of them just to the east.  Tomorrow we will take out the actual trench.
    And we had to have a large crew waterscreening all of the materials from the deep test and the postholes.
    We also had a short lecture today by Chris Rodning.  Chris is in a PhD program at UNC-Chapel Hill and is studying a site in far southwestern North Carolina that is similar in many aspects to the Warren Wilson site.  The Coweeta Creek site, in Macon County, is a Qualla phase settlement with houses, including a large town house, a small mound, and a large plaza area.  To learn more about it, click on 'Coweeta Creek' above.