Today, 6-30-99, we got a whole lot of work done.  In the deep test unit, 40R200, we were able to give the top of level 16 a good trowel and then photograph it.  It looks like we have been going through a Swannanoa rock pit for many levels now, and that we are just coming to the bottom of it now.
    We are still working on sifting the plowzone from square 10R200 as well.  Today Jackson found an early Woodland point here.
    We also started to excavate some of the postholes that were uncovered in squares 10R160, 10R170, and 10R180.  This is done by scooping out the dark posthole fill with spoons.  Sometimes posthole fill contains a wide variety of artifacts, because people filled them with whatever was around once the actual post was removed.
    And with all of the material from the deep test and postholes being waterscreened, we had a great place to hide the goodies that were gotten for Linda's birthday.  So at 10:00 this morning, we all went down to the watersreening station to eat cupcakes and sing Happy Birthday.