Day 18
A new unit was opened up today in an area of the site that has never been excavated before.

Preparing to open unit 240R210.


Travis getting ready to shovel.

Randall sifting

Sarah was removing plowscars for most of the morning.

Duane found a Pisgah point, which is an arrowhead.

John cleaning 20R200.

Day 19
Three units were troweled, and 0R160 was photographed.
These photos show part of a palisade trench, and two seperate patterns of posthole.


Janee found two pipe fragments that
were from the same pipe.

Josh found a beautiful point made from quartz crystal.

These are some of the participants from the Cherokee Youth Center, who have been with us for the week.

Taren and Lisa

Randall and Matt

Day 20
Today the concludes the Archaeology Field School 2000.
We still accomplished a lot, and had some fun too.
Denene mapping 0R160.
Postholes in 0R160.

Anna pointing out the palisade trench.


An animal tooth.

Randall found the tooth while

Josh found this point.

We had a special visitor today, Dr. Bennie C. Keel, National Park Service archaeologist.  Bennie wrote Cherokee Archaeology which includes information about the Woodland components at the Warren Wilson site.

This morning we ended the season playing a traditional Cherokee game, chunky.


It's been a great season, see you next year!

This weeks participants:
From left, back row:  Denene Fleming, Anna Bueker, Brandon McMillan,
David Moore,Kris Stanley, Sarah Urquhart, Taren Toineeta, John McCarley,
(Middle row)  Joan Moser, Linda Hall,Kate Barton, Julie Radloff, Janee Knapp,
Duane Brown, Shawn, James Plummer,Joe Plummer, Josh Harrold, Jeni Fuller,
Amy Fuller, Gibbs Moore and Randall Crowe.