Today, 6-25-99, started out with more rain.  But, we sat it out, and in the meantime had a discussion about pottery.  At the Warren Wilson site, there are three major types of pottery, each from a different time period.  These are Swannanoa, from about 1000 BC to the time of Christ, Connestee, from AD 200 to AD 900, and Pisgah, from AD 1000 to AD 1500.  All three have different characteristics that help us identify them.  Finding one of these potsherds in situ tells us the approximate time period of the layer of soil that we are working in.
    The rain stopped after about an hour and so we decided to get to work.  But first we had to bail all of the water out of our units.  This took about half an hour or so.  Then we had a group working on taking off the plowzone in square 20R200.  Others worked in 10R200 and 10R190 uncovering the subsoil and midden.  Amy had a great find with a pot handle.  Also, David found a big potsherd that is in situ in the midden.  Despite a couple days when we thought we were going to be rained out, we had a great third week and got a whole lot done.  Here is the crew from this past week.From left to right we are:  Phillip Queen, Denene Fleming, Andrew McColgan (squatting), Director David Moore, Amy Fuller, Cody Rhew, Assistant Director Linda Hall, Angela Rhew, Beverly Reitzel, and Adam Gentry.  Not Pictured:  Dale Rhew, Christopher Bridgman, and Joan Moser.