Day 14
We were unable to do any work outside this morning due to rain.

We stood in the shed and waited a while, but the rain never ceased.

Adam looks very disappointed.

We ended up in the Archaeology Lab, and had a guest speaker talk about his work at the Coweeta Creek site.

Chris Rodning from UNC-Chapel Hill PhD program.

Day 15
There was much accomplished today.  Units 0R160 and 10R200 were both troweled.
10R200, which contains some great bone fragments.
0R160.  We were able to identify a palisade trench, a feature, and believe there is a pattern of postholes which may be from a house.

Here's some of the interesting artifacts that were found today.
Amy found an Early Woodland stemmed point.

Anna found another gaming disc.

This concludes Week 3, here's a picture of this weeks crew.

From left:  Kate Barton, Julie Radloff, David Moore, Sarah Urqhart,
Denene Fleming, Adam Gentry, Anna Bueker, Linda Hall, Anne
Chapin, Jennifer Cox, Jeni Fuller, Amy Fuller, Joan Moser and
Christopher Bridgeman
Day 16

Here's a few of our new participants this week.


Josh found a fragment of a projectile point.

Janee found this point.`

Josh also found another point.
Three projectile points were found today.


Kate found a clay pipe fragment.


Julie found a gaming disc.

Anna found a finger today.  Ha Ha!

We opened up another unit today, 20R200, which we previously worked on a bit last year.

Jacob shoveling 20R200.

John sifting through dirt.

Matt, Dustin and Julie waterscreening.

Day 17
They were two Late Archaic points that were found context, which means that they were left in the ground in undisturbed soil.
Kris found both of these points.
Both of these points were found while flat shoveling.


Janee and Julie flat shoveling.

Alex sifting

There was a fairly large Swannanoa potsherd also found while flat shoveling.

Kris and Julie found the potsherd.
Swannanoa pottery is the earliest form of pottery found on this site.


Jacob, Gibbs and Brandon sifting.

Kris, Alex and Travis sifting.

 Days 18-20