Today, 6-22-99, some exciting things happened.  We got square 10R160 troweled for photos and found some interesting things.  There is a palisade trench here as well as numerous other postholes.  A palisade trench means that a trench was dug and then large posts driven into the ground at the base of the trench.  This is the first palisade trench that has been discovered in 20 years at the Warren Wilson site.  We can probably say that it is part of Palisade D, which was almost entirely trenched when it was excavated in the 1960's and 1970's.  Some of the other postholes that were found are a section of a house wall.
    Since square 40R200 was troweled and photographed yesterday, we maped it today.  The rock cluster and the charcoal concentration look great.Tomorrow we should start to excavate level 15.
    Dale came this morning with a chainsaw, and it was a perfect day to get the tree stump out of square 10R200.  So after working on it for over an hour, and resharpening his chain three or four times, he was able to cut it out.
    We also found some nice artifacts today.  Adam found a stone gaming disk, and then Angela found a tiny ceramic gaming disk.

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