Today, 6-21-99, was the beginning of week three of the Cherokee Archaeology Field School.  We started by continuing work in square 10R200, and it looks like we are about to the point that we can take out the tree stump that is in the middle of the square.  We also opened up square 10R190 that we had started last year, but not finished.  The newcomers this week had a great first day. Adam started out by finding a nice ground stone gaming disk, and then Amy found part of a ceramic pipe.Square 10R160 has been fully excavated to the subsoil level, and the profiles were trimmed today so that we can clean and photograph it tomorrow.  We are excited to see what happens in there.  Also, our deep test unit, 40R200, was troweled and photographed.  We are now down to the top of level 15.