Today, 6-18-99, completed the first half of the Cherokee Archaeology Field School at the Warren Wilson site.  Things went well as they have every other day.  Only a little bit of flat shoveling was done in square 10R200, which means that we will have to finish that one off next week.  But, the profiles were cut today in square 10R160 in the hopes that Monday we can give that square a final troweling, photograph, and mapping.  A projectile point was found in this square in situ.  It was a late Archaic or early Woodland point.   Linda, Mike, and Scott excavated level 14 of the deep test unit, 40R200.  They found a few big flakes that are made out of some kind of sandstone from northeastern Tennessee or southwestern Virginia.  They also are continuing to find more Swannanoa pottery, which puts them at a date roughly between 1500 and 500 BC.
   Waterscreening resumed today as well, and all of level 14 from 40R200 was screened.
    And here was our crew from week two.  From left to right they are:  Denene Fleming, Mike Finney, Assistant Director Linda Hall, Scott Ashcraft, Grace McNair, Joan Moser, Director David Moore, Tom, Beverly Reitzel, Andrew McColgan, and Phillip Queen. 

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