Day 10
The deep test was cleaned and photographed today, and after that 40R200 was mapped.  There wasn't much going on in Level 17, except one flake.  Next week we will be starting on Level 18.

Top of Level 18 before it was photographed.

Elinor found a check-stamped potsherd today.  Elinor is a 3-year veteran of the Field School, and we really enjoyed having her this week.
A nice potsherd that Elinor found. We all signed Elinor's book for her that was specially made for her by artist Gwen Diehn, with designs depicting the Pisgah village on this site.


Thanks again to all of our volunteers this week!  It's been fun!

From left:  Beverly Reitzel, Adam Gentry, Don Lilenfeld, Denene
Fleming, KateBarton, Anna Bueker, David Moore, Joan Moser,
Ashley, Elinor Martin, Irene Delpino, and Linda Hall.

Day 11
We had a lot of rain over the weekend and had much bailing to do first thing in the morning.

Linda and Adam bailing water.

Today was the start of a new week as well as the start of a new unit, 0R170.

Shoveling the new square 0R170. Dave giving an introduction to this weeks new participants.

Once we had some dirt moving we were able to have many people sift for artifacts.
Jeni, Jennifer, Joan and Ro Ann sifting.
Julie, Anne and Sarah sifting.


Linda and Anna removing Level 18.

Day 12
We found a number of artifacts today.  Jeni found the first projectile point of the season.

Denene found a mouthpiece fragment from a clay pipe.

Amy found another clay pipe fragment, which was the rim of the pipe's bowl.

There wasn't much progress in the deep test today, due to the large amount of water that accumalated overnight, and made the dirt too soft to work in.

Although we did accomplish much sifting.

Jennifer, Julie and Denene sifting.

Day 13
Today was a busy and productive day.

We were found a number of artifacts, including a couple of projectile points and a disc.

A local news crew came by to film the progress.

Days 14-17