The Archaeology Crew

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The Archaeology/Collections Crew at Warren Wilson is one of the many work crews on campus (for more information about WWC's Work Program, click here). The crew currently has 3 student workers and a full time lab assistant. During the school year the crew works mainly in the Archaeology lab at WWC processing materials from the field. Main tasks include washing, sorting, cataloging, and numbering artifacts; GIS/map work; maintaining the website; and cataloging photographs and slides; as well as helping with David Moore's Archaeology classes and Archaeology/Appalachian Studies events around campus.  The Archaeology Lab's extension is x3095 if you are on-campus.  (828) 771-3095 if you are off-campus.  Hours of occupation vary since we all have such varied and busy schedules but the lab is almost always occupied during the school day.

David Moore, our fearless leader and crew supervisor is also the director of the field school and the archaeology professor at WWC. About Dave:

Dave Moore

David Moore (Ph.D. University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill 1999) has been actively involved in the archaeology of North Carolina’s mountain and western Piedmont regions for over 25 years. He served for 18 years with the North Carolina Office of State Archaeology and has been teaching full-time at Warren Wilson College since 2000. He has directed major excavations at numerous sites in North Carolina including Hardaway, Warren Wilson, and Berry. His work in the upper Catawba Valley began in 1986 with excavations at the Berry site as part of his dissertation research. He returned to the Berry site in 1997 with Robin Beck and Thomas Hargrove for a preliminary proton-magnetometer survey. The University of Alabama Press recently published a revised version of his dissertation, Catawba Valley Mississippian: Ceramics, Chronology, and Catawba Indians (2002). He is also the author or co-author of several articles on the archaeology of western North Carolina, including a recent article co-authored with Robin Beck on the late prehistory of the Upper Catawba Valley. In 2000, Moore formed the Upper Catawba Archaeology Project with Robin Beck and Christopher Rodning.


Abra Johgart is now the lab assistant for the Archaeology Crew after graduating from Warren Wilson College in spring 2011. She has been on the crew since fall of 2008.  Her favorite part about archaeology is working outside in ninety degree heat all day long in the summer, getting muddy water splashed in her face and the day her hands finally toughen up enough that the blisters go away.  She also enjoys the more relaxing parts of life like watching sci-fi movies.

Abra Sherd




Fern Hoffmann joined the crew in the spring of 2013, roped in after taking David's Field Methods class. She is a senior studying history with a minor in traditional music. Her favorite thing about archaeology so far is the excitement of bringing history to life. She enjoys participating in living history, sailing tall ships, reciting Shakespeare while alone, and eating any kind of vegan food.




Caroline Loveland joined the crew this fall, and is a Junior studying Anthropology, Archaeology, and History. She took the field school this summer, and her favorite part of Archaeology is being outside and working with her hands, as well as imagining the stories behind each artifact. She looks forward to a long happy life full of books, music, History, and above all, Archaeology!! 




Michael Thorpe is the newest crew member, joining spring 2015.  He is a history major, interested in getting his hands on history.



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