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The Swannanoa Journal

Since 2001 The Swannanoa Journal has served as a weekly public radio program of Warren Wilson College’s Environmental Leadership Center. During this period the broadcast has focused on environmental sustainability issues in the southern Appalachian bioregion.   Staff, faculty and students wrote and recorded these articles for broadcast by FM radio stations WNCW (88.7) in Spindale, NC and Asheville, FM, an online radio station in Asheville, North Carolina.

In 2007 the Warren Wilson College Work Program Office welcomed the development of the Swannanoa Journal Work Crew by former Community Outreach Director Phillip Gibson. This crew consisted of student writers who wrote, recorded and assisted students from two writing courses with recording their articles. Professor Lockie Hunter, faculty adviser of the Swannanoa Journal, and Professor Catherine Reid both lead their classes (Feature Writing and Environmental Journalism respectively) in composing Swannanoa Journals.

In 2012 the SJ work crew developed a yearlong editorial calendar. They began identifying and building relationships with additional radio stations and offered weekly articles to those stations for broadcast. The result has been the addition of new radio stations and web-based media broadcasting The Swannanoa Journal Weekly. The articles can be heard on four radio stations and available online through the Mountain Xpress newspaper (www.mountainx.com). The articles are also accessible through the SJ website at www.theswannanoajournal.org

Listen Thursdays at 8 PM On:

Faculty Advisor:  Lockie Hunter, MFA, Undergraduate Writing

Students from courses taught by WWC faculty Catherine Reid, Ph.D. and Lockie Hunter, Ph.D. are directly involved in writing and recording Swannanoa Journals.

Swannanoa Journal Articles

Most Recent - Fall Semester 2011

Female Farmers

River Cane

UNCA Sustainability

Moonshine by Indira Srinath

Plow Day by Casey Doyle

Origin of Thanksgiving by Casey Doyle

Moon Harvest by Casey Doyle

Green Cleaning by Aaron Smith

Elephant Sanctuary by Aundrea Kinney

Surface Mining by Colin McCoy

The Swannanoa River by Hannah Franke Fuller

Self Sustainability by Heather Claypoole

Environmental Ethics by Joshua Carpenter

Local Thanksgiving by Kate Lundquist

Native Mountain Grapes by Kyle Duncan McNeill

Chestnut Herbal School by Makenzie Ray Peterson

Sustainable Living with Zev Friedman by Melody Miller

Environmental Movement by Noah Washburn

Hemp Crete by William Connelly

Mexican Candy by Casey Doyle

Organic Cotton by Casey Doyle

River Cane by Casey Doyle

Challenges in Building a LEED Home by Amelia McCallister

French Broad Riverkeeper and Water Quality by Caleb Hawkins

Online Produce Portal by Elliott Smith

Interview with Neil Chambers by Arayah Larson

Interview with Ben Sollee by Regina Cherene

Experiencing Apples at the NC Apple Festival by Casey Doyle

The Organic Farmer's Market at the NC Apple Festival by Regina Cherene

The NC Apple Festival Meets Labor Day by Arayah Larson

Harvest Moon by Casey Doyle

Michael Gentry by Hillary Martin 

Japanese Knotweed by Hannah Schiller


Prior to 2011

Paddling the Swannanoa River by Sandy Pfeiffer

RiverLink by Lockie Hunter

Watershed Address by Catherine Reid

Cricket Symphony by Anna Louise Long

The Role of Building Codes in Sustainability by Phillip Gibson

INSULATE! by Sylvia LaPorte

Beekeeping by Timothy Burkhart

Chestnut Trees by Dylan Waters

The Horse Crew by Anya Skibbie

Forest Gardening by Sam Hyson

Interview with Jeff Biggers by Arayah Larson

Wendell Berry Protest by Arayah Larson

Interview with David Lamotte by Arayah Larson

Interview with Claudia Horwitz by Arayah Larson

Eat Smart Black Mountain by Josh Reiss

The Literacy Council by Fressia McKee

Interview with Billy Edd Wheeler by Arayah Larson and Doug Orr

Alan Wolf Poetry by Gracie McCarroll

Reading, Writing and Retrofit by Gabriel Fuentes

Mojo Coworking by Gabriel Sistare

Light Pollution by Alexander Howard

Community-based Art by Mollie Turner-Craft

Food Miles by Noah Matthew Washburn

Organic Hops by Kat Davis

Presidential Views of Sustainability by Arayah Larson

Montana by John McDermott

National Parks by John McDermott

Smokies by John McDermott

Interview with Sarah El-Attar by Arayah Larson

Mountain Herbalist by Conner Soderquist

The Mountain State Fair by Amy Worcheski

The Dogwood Alliance by Kathryn Stewart

Riceville Farmers Market by Kate Freeman

Water Bears by Jess Goldsmith

Coral Reefs by Jess Goldsmith

League of Conservation Voters by Jess Goldsmith

Damming the River by Chris Linenger

INSULATE! by Jess Goldsmith

Whales by Jesse Rickard

Carbon Emission Agreement by Danielle Emmet

Hemlock Trees by Ashley Robinson

PowerShift 2007 by Chris Linenger

Recycle by Tabby Cubie

Balsam Mountain Preserve by Tori Hearst

Black Mountain Greenway by Vanessa Emery

Swimming the Swannanoa River by Veronica Anderson

Eminent Domain by Zoey Gordon

SunSpot Technology by Kathryn Stewart

Native Plant Landscaping by Vanessa Emery

The Connectedness of Meals by Kathryn Stewart

Saving Family Farms by Leah Cameron

Black Mountain Community Garden by Katie Miller

Drought & Archeology by Matthew Williams

The Herp Debate by Nora Purcell

Asheville Green Opportunities by Nina Otter

Erosion by Rachel Buedel

Livable Senior Friendly Communities by Anna Dale

Losing our Pollinators by Elizabeth Lewis

Humanure by Hannah Aleshnick

Permaculture by Leo Neufeld

Small Houses by Dave Penketh

Robert Glennon by Dave Penketh

Joe Minicozzi by Dave Penketh

Naomi Tutu by Dave Penketh

Firestorm Cafe by Courtney Oliphant

Goats by Charlotte Mitchell

Jeremy Lekich by Chris O'Leary

Feed Your Roots by Erin Pesut

Cob Building by Hilary Bisenjeks

Orchids by John McDermott

Race for Awesomeness by Lane Hemmons

Bees by Lindsay Butenhof

Danny's Dumpsters by Makailah McKinley

Stone Mill by Quinton Soemardi

Bamboo by Rey Miller

Morel Mushrooms by Criscuolo

Hydrogen Fuel by Thomas Belmore

Pet Buying by Dave Penketh

Eating Lead by Dave Penketh

Homelessness by Trey Jones

Ozone laundry by Trey Jones

The Nauhaus by John Mcdermott

Sound Healing by John McDermott

Horse Slaughter by Trey Jones

School toxic site by Trey Jones

Viral marketing by Trey Jones

Propane Vehicles by Trey Jones

Hemp Tech by John McDermott

Gary Nabhan by John McDermott

Andrew Young by Trey Jones

Formaldehyde by Phillip Gibson

Thanksgiving by Phillip Gibson

Protecting wilderness by Savannah Anderson

Appalachian Front Porches by Fern Greenleaf

Seeds by Cella Langer

Old Fort Blueberries by Elisa Otter

Grove Arcade's Chimney Swifts by Paul Eaton

Worm Composting by Makailah McKinley

MHO Shared Community by John McDermott

The Electric Car by Dave Penketh

Montford Garden by Philip Hamilton

Monarch Butterflies by Matt Byers

Enough Hay by Lizzie Green

Jelly Fish by Dave Penketh

Mushrooms by Dave Penketh

The Mountain State Fair by Amy Worcheski

Falcons by Isaiah Tolmyer

Asheville Green Opportunities by Nina Otter

Landslide Risks by Jess Goldsmith

Rafting the Pigeon River by Laura Dyson

Lost Cove by Matt Byers

Meth Labs by Jess Goldsmith

Waste Water by Mike Jollie

North Shore Road by Jess Goldsmith

Red Wolves by Jess Goldsmith

The Cut Tree by Sarah Hyde

The Northern Flying Squirrel by Chris Linenger


ARCHIVED Swannanoa Journals

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Swanannoa Journal 051.mp3

Swanannoa Journal 052.mp3

Swanannoa Journal 053.mp3

Swanannoa Journal 054.mp3

Swanannoa Journal 055.mp3

Swanannoa Journal 056.mp3

Swanannoa Journal 057.mp3

Swanannoa Journal 058.mp3

Swanannoa Journal 059.mp3

Swanannoa Journal 060.mp3