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WWC Freestore

How we do it:

Warren Wilson College has a Free store where community members can drop off items they no longer want, but are still usable. There is an assortment of items ranging from books, CDs, Clothes, canned food, silverware, shoes, school supplies, electronics, etc. Everything is totally free, we just suggest that they write down the items that they took to monitor the flow. When there is an abundance of goods we donate excess to a local homeless shelter and to a thrift store.

Why We do it:

We are reducing our waste by diverting these re-usable items from going to a landfill. We are also encouraging people to consume less.

How You Can Do it:

As a first step, you can start an office supply exchange at your office where you make a central table/ location where people drop off office materials, such as: extra printer paper, staplers, old printers, pens, etc.

Click here to go to the Free Store website