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Baling Cardboard


How we do it:  We have mechanical cardboard baler that compacts cardboard into 800lb bales, which are picked up by a company monthly. 

Why we do it: We bale our cardboard to reduce our waste and because it is cost efficient. We bought a used baler 5 years ago from NuLife Environmental, and it has more than paid for itself.  Their site is http://www.nulifeenv.com/ . Our baler makes cardboard packages or “bales” that weigh 800 lbs. In 2006 we recycled 29.2 tons of cardboard and generated $1200 in revenues for the school. It is also possible to bale cans and paper with balers. Asheville Waste Paper picks up our bales (no charge to pick them up) and pays by the ton.  They don't have a website, but are located off of Swannanoa River Rd in downtown Asheville, NC.  Curbside Management also will pick up bales and their site is http://www.curbie.com/   Curbside management is a good resource for local people -- they do curbside recycling and run 3 drop off centers. 

How you can do it:  If you are a business owner or know of a business which receives many packages, we recommend looking at http://www.nulifeenv.com to  research balers and the process to a greater extent.  Depending on your location, sometimes your local Paper Recycler will install a cardboard baler at your site.