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Why We Do It: Spreading a layer of mulch around landscaped areas can have numerous benefits, including soil and water conservation and regulation of temperature. By sourcing mulch that is made from waste wood we are able to conserve the resources that would otherwise be extracted to make mulch. Also, by using locally sourced mulch we are able to keep dollars within the community and decrease energy involved in transport.

How We Do It: In seeking an option for mulching, Warren Wilson College worked to identify a source that was environmentally friendly and local. Instead of importing our mulch from an external source we use an on-site chipper to grind excess wood such as stumps, etc. We also obtain wood chips from one of our neighbors to meet our mulching needs.  Leaf mold is an additional component of our mulching approach.

Where to Get It:  Even if you do not have the option of producing mulch on-site there are many ways of obtaining environmentally friendly mulch. One example of a local source is Asheville Wood Waste. In seeking an alternative be sure to consider what impact the product creation is going to have on the ecosystem it is extracted from. With so many environmentally friendly mulching options there is no reason to use virgin wood that has been made into mulch.