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Integrated Pest Management

Why We Do It: Integrated Pest Management is an approach to pest control that integrates all possible options to allow control by the most economical means that will also ensure the least detriment to the environment and the community. By using integrated pest management we produce the desired effects while maintaining a minimal impact on our shared ecosystem. We are able to minimize our negative effects on public health, both current and future, by keeping toxins out of our soils and waterways and maintain an economically viable system in the process. Integrated Pest Management does not eliminate our use of pesticides and herbicides but greatly reduces the quantity in which they are need.

How We Do It: There are a number of methods that are integrated in our pest management strategy, with the dominant method being the use of insecticidal soap. When insecticidal soap is sprayed it breaks down the insect’s ability to retain moisture, causing it to dehydrate and die. This method is used sparingly and with intention, as opposed to being universally sprayed. It is important to remember that there are many beneficial and neutrally effective insects, and that there is a pest threshold delineating between reasonable and detrimental pest populations.

Where to Get It:

Our source for insecticidal soap is a company called Southern Agriculture. By using this company we are able to source the material regionally and obtain it more cost effectively. There are a number of other methods for obtaining insecticidal soap, however. A popular brand is named Safer.

The very foundation of integrated pest management relies on the need to create a combination of methods best suited to a particular area and/or problem. There is not universal prescription for integrated pest management. For more information on what approach is best for you visit: